Genesis Lab

Genesis Lab, is the first and only e-liquid laboratory in the world that opens its doors to the consumers! Applying modern methods of producing and bottling e-liquids, in a specially designed place with strict health regulations (Clean Room). Genesis Lab pioneers, we invite each and every wholesaler or consumer, to attend the production procedure, in this way eliminating every "shadow" around the production of e-liquids. This way every interested individual can be ascertained of the high quality of our product, plus our strict rules of hygiene and safety. Here at Genesis Lab our first goal is to safeguard the quality of our product and protect the well-being of our consumers. Contact us and visit our facilities.
Genesis Lab is open for crowd visits every Friday between 12:00-16:00.

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Parmithias 16 & Pelasgias
Peristeri 12136, Athens

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